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Bayshore Community Church, on a regular monthly basis, supports in finances and in prayer these missions among others:

A group of loving people who feed and clothe and help families in our local area. A full INCREDIBLE breakfast is cooked and served every Sunday morning. Along with the feeding, they also are able to share God's love and serve COMMUNION, as well as witness about our Lord. Before the families leave, they are given some groceries to take with them, as well as some other essentials. An incredible group of people who allow HIS love to flow through them and letting their LIGHT so shine before men.

Every three months the RADIO BIBLE CLASS sends the church DAILY BREAD booklets at no charge. The church makes financial contributions to help the organization with their costs and ministries. The DAILY BREAD booklets are given out to anyone and are available. They consist of daily one page devotionals, and each booklet is for a three month period. They are AWESOME! If you would like to have one, some are in the tract holder in the back of the church, or just "Ask, and ye shall receive".